Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Society of Feline Gardeners

There is actually a "Society of Feline Gardeners."

At first, I thought this was for humans, but no, it is a society for felines only. Jonesie, the founding member, writes: "I came up with an idea to start a garden club! I know there are lots of cats who take their gardening seriously...some not so seriously too. There are other cats who like to look out their windows at gardens, and those who just like to dream about them. That's all ok! All are welcome in my club. All you have to do to join is say 'meow! I want to join' and you're in."

Sounds like a simply meow-valous organization!

You can find out more at:

Tip of the mouse to Anne Hardman for passing on this link to me.

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