Monday, July 29, 2013

Someone Forgot to Water the Cat?

Another potted cat!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Head of Lettuce

This guardian of this lettuce is owned by Anna Ristsatama in Hamina, Finland. Her name is Anastasta. She is one year and two months old. Here is one of her earlier gardening attempts:

 Gardening runs in this cat family. Pictured below with a grey/ white bobtailed boy called Pekka, who is two weeks older than Miss A and loves to lounge in the ferns. There are also two other cats in the household, Renne (the Reindeer), Pekka's brother, that has no tail at all, and Mikki, Anastasia's brother.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Meadowbrook Looker

Spotted this pretty kitty statue at Meadowbrook Farm last weekend. Meadowbrook is now owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Hort Society, but used to be the private estate of J. Liddon Pennock, Jr. You can tell that he was not only a plant nerd, but a dedicated animal lover. I hardily recommend that you stop by for a tour of the grounds and to shop at the PHS nursery whenever you are in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sun Worshipper

 Magnus FahlĂ©n and his wife, +Tuula Pennanen, live in Fellinsbro, Sweden with 7 cats. I came across their cat photos in the Caturday community on Google+.

 Magnus wrote: "Our super nice Shakir enjoying the summer sun ... :-)
Probably the kindest, most clever and life loving cat I've ever met ... ^^
He have spread his love to life and positive attitude by us for over 8 years now ... ^^
 There are not words enough for our Shakir.
2 weeks after he was born, he got one eye in Uveitis (
No treatment helped, so when he was 3 week old ached the hole in the eye and I do not include how a 3 week kitten can survive such a pain.
He was probably very near death with the fever and pain he had.
However, he survived and when the body after a time come away remnants of the eye so he recovered quickly.
I guess our care and relief of the pain made him an extremely affectionate and positive kitty with an enormous patience, etc.
Even today after 8 years he radiates positivity and joy of life and as soon as one comes close he so he purrs and smiles with the whole face ...:-)
We chose not to sew again eye socket which the vet thought was good then this is a difficult operation and results rarely becomes completely good.
On the other hand, we must help to clean around his eye socket with lukewarm water daily in principle, because it is always collected some dirt in the coat there.
We have done this since he was so small that he was held in my hand and then it was "eye" in principle, a varklump. ...
He has 3 siblings, and none of them has a chance to match him in terms of speed, intelligence, agility, and hearing. His good hearing is a bit extra as compensation for the lost eye and when they are playing and someone tries to sneak up on him, they are always detected before they can surprise him ... = D
He is a real gold Kitty simply ...:-)"