Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catnip Seed Art

I've shared cat-inspired seed pack art before (here), but this one is a real masterpiece! I took this photo at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2014, which has a theme of ArtiCulture (the marriage of art and horticulture). And where is that art more evident than on the humble seed pack? This seed art is from Hudson Valley Seed Library. You can buy a print of this art at their web site. Here is how they describe this beautiful portrait:

"Once upon a time, a beloved kitty named Princess was living a regular kitty cat life. Until one day, when, while roaming outdoors, she happened upon a wild patch of an alluring herb. Into her nose flooded the chemical nepetalactone, the source of catnip's power. It bound to her olfactory receptors, causing her to become intoxicated. The natural high she experienced opened her kitty eyes to a wild world she had never known, showing her a new kingdom to reign over. From that day forth, Princess became the ruler of her own imaginative (and, yes, possibly imaginary) world. Celebrate your kitty's reign with the gift of a catnip patch."

The artist, Christina Hess, is a freelance illustrator living in Philadelphia, PA, where she graduated from University of the Arts with a major in illustration. She works digitally as well as in acrylics, oils and mixed media. 

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