Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby Bear and Friends

Jane Palson submitted this pic of her 9-year-old, BabyBear. Jane can be found tweeting as @JessPals on Twitter.

She writes:
   "Her size explains the Bear -- her behavior the Baby. She's been with me for five years and was a rescue from British RSPCA. I have a tiny, much-loved, garden and neither her nor her brother, Ludo, (stray who turned up in a terrible state, but still took two-and-half-years of daily feeding before he moved in 18 months ago) can resist joining in with gardening. I've sewn catnip seeds already. They both adore the smell and the flavor of fresh nip and will roll in it but don't seem to become intoxicated.
   "We live in UK just over the river from Liverpool.  I try to rescue any bees I find and I've also included a photo of a bee feeding from a blob of honey."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Cats and lilies 
Keep cats away from Easter Lilies and other Asiatic lilies as cats can suffer acute kidney failure within a very short period of time from just a licking a few pollen grains off their fur.

See more about Lilies and Cats at:

Read more about Pet-Friendly Gardening in the Washington Gardener Enews June 2013 issue:

Photo Source: FDA

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sassy Pants


Wendy Kiang-Spray and her family submitted this sassy cat's story.
"We found her in rural Howard County just before Halloween 2001, making her currently 12 years old (wow!). She was alone and under Scott's car and was TINY. Any smaller and she probably wouldn't have made it.  Our older daughter was 3 at the time and named her Sassy after the cat in the movie Homeward Bound. Sassy's always been an outdoor/indoor cat, preferring to be outdoors almost all the time. Now that she's older, we have her stay inside when it's very cold, but she prefers to be outside, lounging around. When she's hungry, she will literally head-butt the door HARD, to get our attention  It sounds like dull bangs.  
"When we walk the dog, she actually follows us around the block, but always on the prowl. She'll be about 100 feet behind, duck behind cars, jet across yards, etc. I've never seed a cat do that. Sassy has also been known to climb to the top of a maple tree and then shimmy her way down. We've also seen her climb to the top of a tree (tall silver maple), JUMP to a neighboring tree (like a squirrel might), and then just hang out a while! She's not your stereotypical sweet kitty. She rolls around in dirt, and used to pounce on our old golden retreiver, often leaving her claws in his face. Scamp, our beagle, is scared of her and gives her plenty of leeway. If she's anywhere near the door and I'm calling Scamp in, he won't dare cross her path. Cat lovers are always happy to see her at first - she's quite beautiful - but they quickly realize if she's not in the mood (and she often isn't) - she's a look-but-dont-touch cat.  

"Sometimes the odd neighborhood cat (like this orange cat we call "brokeback") will come into our yard and pester Sassy. I respect her style. She'll lay low, size up the situation, and won't do anything rash. But the moment the other cat decides to be aggressive, Sassy will mess him up.  

"All these characteristics make her very, very unique which is why we do adore her. Sassy is supersmart (looks before she crosses the street), superstreetwise, and the most tough as nails cat any of us have ever met."
Wendy Kiang-Spray is a speaker and freelance writer whose articles about gardening and food have appeared in local and national publications. She loves to write about growing and cooking the vegetables of other countries. By day, she is a high school counselor and in her free time, she volunteers as a DC Master Gardener and blogs about family and garden at

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kung Fu Kitty

This is "Kung Fu Kitty" by BlastOButter on deviantART. BlastoButter is from Blekinge, Sweden. She shares many images of beautiful cats for hours of endless browsing. This outdoor action shot especially caught my eye, I am sure you will enjoy many of her other photos as well.