Saturday, August 30, 2014

13 Eco & Cat-Friendly Gardening Tips

Over at, Karen Nichols shared "13 Eco & Cat-Friendly Gardening Tips." Most of the tips are common-sense for any pet they may join you outside in the garden, such as avoiding pesticides and dumping out any standing water. She also that cocoa mulch is a problem for cats that may roll in it and then clean it off their fur. While much more toxic for dogs, they is a good reminder to check what materials you are using in your garden to make sure they are all pet-friendly.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cat Landscaping

Cat Landscaping was shared on Stray Cat Alliance's Facebook page and various Pinterest feeds with no link, credit, or sourcing. After much online sleuthing, I kept hitting a dead-end.

Thanks to Beverly Carragher, I now know the source: it is Rich Saunders who posted it to Flickr.

Rich says, "The huge topiary at this stately home in Beaconsfield suggested a sleeping animal, so I comped in a photograph of our cat Tolly, taken especially to match the shape of the bushes."

Check out his Flickr page to see the original planting without the cat overlay.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

He Left a Kubby Hole in Her Heart... and Now He is Back!

Brienne Gluvna Arthur is pictured here with her garden cat, She writes, "Kubby is such a special kitty! He wondered to Camellia Forest Nursery in May 2011. He was instantly a great nursery cat, catching rodents and greeting customers. He came to live with me in March of this year. He was at his new home 6 weeks, and suddenly disappeared... For 2 months! He walked 8 miles and was found living in a tree. The kind people took him to a vet where he was scanned and we were reunited! This sunflower picture was the four-week anniversary of Kubby's return home."

Saturday, August 9, 2014

One Cute Cookie

Saunya Connelly of Washington, DC, submitted this photo. She wrote, "This is Oreo. He is a feral cat that lives in my sister's beautiful garden in Brookland neighborhood of NE DC. After three long years, he has deigned to allow me to photograph him."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ergo... Pergo

Michael McConkey of Edible Landscaping shared this photo of his kitten, Pergo, in the 'Provence' lavender. He wrote, "She's about one year old in this pic. She wasn't destined to live long. She was very small. She had a breathing problem and had surgery, even made the 'cat of the month' in Crozet, VA, with one of the local vets. But she didn't live long."