Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Tsar is Born

This gorgeous Maine Coon was submitted by Dancing Oaks Nursery in Monmouth, OR.

"Vladamir is the oldest male and he is also the most well-adjusted cat we have. He is very congenial walking up to customers and not too afraid of many things. His favorite pad is a little pocket of shade cloth in one of the greenhouses that creates a snug hammock over the top of the door. He can be lifeless there, so lots of people ask if he is alive! He is a great cuddler and likes to watch movies. He can be quite a gregarious clown and on garden tours and steal the show from the plants we are talking about."

We'll be sharing more Dancing Oaks Nursery cats in coming weeks, so be sure to check back here every Saturday/Caturday for our latest post.

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