Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mighty Mouse

Alys Milner of the Gardening Nirvana blog submitted this big beauty.

"Mouse has an official home, but he doesn’t let on. He takes all his meals at our house, sleeps on our beds and generally makes himself comfortable. He’s charmingly adorable. Mouse lives for treats, so I’m partly to blame for his expanded waistline (Mouse weighs a whopping 16 pounds!). He collects kitty snacks from others as well, including my sister on her frequent visits.

"Mouse has many admirers, and would probably be insufferable if he were a man and not a cat. He assumes everyone loves him, and frankly why wouldn’t they? If I could change one thing about him, it would be his stealthy hunting skills. He loves the game of catch and release."

P.S. Check out, Lindy-Lu, another cat in Alys's household, posted here:

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