Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Warm Batch of Cookies

Zweetie Zuzie shared these adorable kitten photos. She wrote, "In the fall of 2012, one small calico cat was hanging around my house  I fed her and called her "Cookie" and, after that, this was her home. In winter, she lived in my garage. It was very cold (about minus 30c) and I made a bed for her with an electric heat pad and heated bowl."

"Then in the spring (about May 2013),  she gave me four kittens.  They are good helpers in the garden. She taught the babies how to catch the mice."
"But I was heart-broken late that summer when someone came and stolen all the babies. (I have a security camera, but at night-time it is impossible to ID who it is.) I was very sorry for Cookie, the mother as morning and evening she waited for her babies at our front step and cried to tell the babies it was food time  ... It makes me tear-up .. every time when I look at pictures."

You can view more cat photos from Zweetie Zuzie at her Picasa album here: or at her Google+ page here:


  1. Beautiful!! What kind of monsters would steal kittens from a new kitty mom?!!!!!!! I hurt for her, as I'm sure you do. Bless her & you for giving such a good home. Your garden is breathtaking!

    1. It hurt me a lot.
      Thank you Patricia Burris Morrow

  2. Thank you, Patricia Burris Morrow, for stopping by and sharing your feelings. Cats are such keepers of our hearts.