Saturday, July 30, 2016

O Canada

Natty Morris shared these beautiful photos of her cats and flower-filled gardens in Ontario. Canada. The kitty at the bottom is named "cow" for the black-and-white spots. You can find many more photos of her gardens (and cats) at the Flowers for Life public group page on Facebook.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Scotch on the Rocks


Kathy Guenterberg, Gaithersburg, MD, shared this photo of  her cat Scotch.  He was sitting in the birdbath looking up at the bird feeder. "He is 13. We got him as a kitten through a rescue group and my Aussie at the time, Shadow, who LOVED kittens, picked him out."

He and his current canine companion, Dutchie, like to sit like this and survey their "garden kingdom.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sorry, Charlie!

Shane Worth of Washington, DC, shared this photo of  his cat, Charlie, and a cheeky squirrel.

"I took in three cats from a rural community in Powhatan, VA. One decided to go exploring, and met Charlie, the local alpha here. So long story short, Charlie charmed his way in, and is now totally a part of the household"

"I've been imagining the squirrel-cat interaction in comical ways, where the squirrel always sounds like one or another of the Monty Python guys, and is saying something like, 'No, no, nobody wants to come out and play. We're not falling for that nonsense again. No, it doesn't very much how nicely you ask, or even if you do sit there forever. So go on, shoo! Just go away!' "

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mellow Peep

Lynn Vismara of Wheaton, MD, shared this slumbering feline on a hot summer afternoon:
"We should all be sleeping like this today ‪#‎feelingthebreezeonmytootsies‬"

"She's a 13-year-old tortie-mix that was adopted from She came from a home of 16 other kitties, who were actually very well cared for. She used to sit on her previous owners chest when she was sick with cancer. She's named 'Peep' 'cuz we adopted her around Easter, and she likes to go under the covers and peep you."

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Versace GoFundMe Campaign

My little Versace has been through an ordeal and it was a very costly one, so I started a Go Fund Me page here:
He is doing MUCH better now and I thank all of you for your well-wishes, prayers, and notes of encouragement!
Next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled "Cats in Gardens" shares.