Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snake Charmer

This is Lilly. She is part Maine Coon and about 4 years old. We picked her up at the Fairfax Animal Shelter after out last cat, Rascal, passed away (He was 15) last September. She is finally warming up. Funny thing is she follows us around all over the house and yard, loves to play, but hates to be picked up. We’ve seen big improvements and she is just as cute as she can be. In this photo she is eyeing a big black snake that was perched on top of an Autumn Joy plant. Fortunately, she was smart enough to know to keep away.

Owners: Mike, Cindy and Sarah Whalen
Kitty Name: Lilly
Taken: In our yard in Fairfax Station, VA, lounging under the decorative grasses in the bed next to the garage.