Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Everything Bagel


Joni and Thomas of
based in the Washington, DC, area shared these photos and wrote:

Here are some photos of our cat, Bagel in our garden. Bagel was a feral cat, who as a kitten, became friends with our then puppy, Poppy. By November, as it was getting colder, we just had to take her in. Five years later and she’s the best cat we’ve ever had! She loves spending time in the garden, climbing trees, and frolicking in the neighborhood :) She’s still besties with Poppy and they love to play outside and cuddle inside 😻🐶

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Persimmon Party

I reported on my encounter with "Percy" at Longwood Gardens last fall here.  It turns out that Percy aka Persimmon is actually a huge internet start!

It all started with this viral tweet:

Tonight I saw a massive orange cat get escorted out of Longwood Gardens. I asked “is he not welcome here?”, and the guy sighed & said “He shows up at the most inopportune moments”. So now, obviously, I want an entire sitcom about their relationship.

Hundreds people replied to Sarah to let her know the cat is a garden fixture and to share their own tales of seeing Persimmon at Longwood.

I think one of my favorite replies was this one:

The Twitter consensus of why the cat was kicked out of that particular garden area (a nighttime event in the Conservatory) was that he was making himself a nuisance and possible trip hazard. Here is the thread summary at Bored Panda.

I'm looking forward to my next Longwood visit and catching up with Percy again. 

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Use Caution at Easter Time: Lilies are Toxic to Felines

Keep cats away from Easter Lilies and other Asiatic Lilies (Lilium spp.) as cats can suffer acute kidney failure within a very short period of time from just licking a few pollen grains off their fur. (Daylilies, by the way, are not true lilies and so are not a plant of concern around cats.)

See more about Lilies and Cats at:

Read more about Cat-Friendly Gardening here:

Here is a List of SAFE Plants for Cats:

In the last several years, many veterinary webpages and cat-related websites have sprung up to educate cat owners on the dangers of lilies, such as Here is a graphic shared on one of them:

Top Photo Source: FDA 
(This is an update of an earlier Cats in Gardens blog post.)

Saturday, March 23, 2024

A pair of trouble makers...

On Twitter/X Jonathan Norman @JonNormanDesign shares photos of his garden cats. He runs Jon Norman Garden Design, a Midlands, UK-based landscape design business. Creating beautiful gardens inspired by nature.

> My kitten crop is flowering already 😸 Little Tuppence being her mischievous self 🤣🐈‍⬛ <

>Well, I wasn't expecting this today. Young Tilly decided to climb up one of our conifers from the middle, then poked her head out halfway up 🐈‍⬛🌲

If I can get her to wear a couple of wings, she might become our Xmas fairy 🧚‍♀️🎄

Our two love the garden and get up to all mischief in it. I'm going to have to re-design the planting to be a *lot* sturdier as they do like to chase around and climb things. Hopefully, young Olga will calm down soon 😊 <

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Wear Your Green for St. Gertrude!

Here is an update of one of our most popular posts:

Thank you to the Crazy Cat Ladies Community on Facebook for letting my know about Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, who is the patron saint of Cats AND Gardening. 

The 17th of March is her Saint's Day, which she shares with St. Patrick. "Fine weather on her feast day meant it was time to begin spring planting." This may also explain why we think of St. Patrick's Day as the traditional day for early spring crop sowing -- especially peas and potatoes -- even though St. Pat has nothing to do with gardening.

She lived from 626 to 659. According to Catholics Online, "Gertrude was a mystic, (who was) gifted with visions. She befriended the Irish saints Foillian and Ultan." You can read more about her life here and here.

Let's reclaim the day for St. Gertrude and wear your green proudly in memory of her love for gardening and for cats!

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Cat Got Your Garden? on the The Gardenangelists Podcast

Recently the The Gardenangelists Podcast had a show themed around the garden cats topic called: "The Cat Got Your Garden?" You can listen to it and read the show notes here.

Co-host of the show,  Carol Michel, designed the above graphic to demonstrate the "cat whiskers" on pansies that people often refer to when describing these adorable flowers.

She discussed various plants that are edible for cats with co-host Dee Nash. Those included veggies that Dee's cat likes to chomp on. My own kitties are partial to cilantro and melons, but never show much interest in vegetables. I do note the occasional carrot or pea in their healthy cat food though. 

Saturday, March 2, 2024

On Her Pedestal

Sue Hunter, owner of, shared this photo of her cat, Fauna. Sue recently shared another two of her cats, Willie, here, and Mama. here.

Sue writes, "Fauna in the garden on her pedestal. She is gentle and observant. She loves when children visit."