Saturday, August 17, 2013

Butterfly Kisses

Tracie McWhirt Ballentine wrote: "We inherited Tuxedoman on January 2, 2007. My daughter went to the Stafford Co. (Virginia) Animal Shelter after Thanksgiving to get some 'kitty loving.' After I explicitly told her not to bring home a cat. She brought home a cat. Not just any cat but a pregnant cat. Tuxedoman was born in my bedroom closet the day after New Year's Day. He has been an awesome cat. He is the only cat that I know of that will come when he is called no matter where he is in the yard. By day, he patrols the yard protecting my husband's vegetable garden and my butterfly garden. By night, he is pampered puss ( I bring him in after the sun goes down). He makes an awesome sleeping companion. Cats get a bad rap for being aloof or standoffish, not my Tuxedoman. He is the coolest. As he glides across the yard you can almost hear the jazz back beat."

Tuxedoman on the prowl.

Most days he can be found laying under the leaves of my coneflowers waiting to ambush someone or something.

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