Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quebec Trek

 I'm just back from touring public and private gardens in and around Quebec City in Canada with the Garden Writers Assocation. Every garden I went to I looked for felines to photograph. Alas, none. (Plenty of dogs though, go figure.) On the last day, we stopped at a village on the I'lle-d'Orleans (the island of Orleans just outside the city in the St. Lawrence river). There, we visited a wonderful store full of garden statuary called L'Art au Jardins. The inside and out of the shop was stuffed full of garden art pieces. Here are a few cat representations I saw there.

And finally, this one just HAD to come home in my suitcase with me. It is by a Toronto artist and I just love that head-on silhouette. The artist also makes the classic side cat silhouettes and other creatures like Cardinals and Woodpeckers for your garden and tree decor.

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