Saturday, October 26, 2013

Siamese, if you please sir

Another cat submission from Hunter Ten Broeck, owner of WaterWise Landscapes Incorporated, in Albuquerque, NM.This stray visitor stopped by the 'Tiger Eyes' Sumac, which is just changing to its brilliant fall colors.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Hunter and the Housemaid

Ella and Cypress Vine

Barbara Pleasant writes the long-running Gardening Know How column in Mother Earth News and the GrowVeg Blog. She submitted the following tales about her two garden cats.

"I have two cats, Leon and Ella. Named for my late father, Leon, is the head cat and my special boy. When we got new puppies a year ago, he broke my heart by going to live in the woods for three weeks. This trauma reminded me that relations with felines are set up on their terms, with humans and their abandonment issues small matters compared to a full food bowl."
"Theoretically, Leon earns his keep by catching mice, voles and other unwanted creatures, and he is a good enough predator for our rural place in Southwest Virginia. But he has a show-off attitude that compels him to share his kills, so he often stages the kills, gladiator style, in the downstairs bathtub. And, while I can't say for sure that the two baby king snakes we found slithering through the house this summer were Leon's doing, I have my suspicions.
"Ella is the ladies' maid who seldom ventures more than a few steps beyond the deck, preoccupied as she tends to be with matters inside the house. She monitors the water bowl, the doors and windows, and becomes a maniac complainer when things are out of order. Ella has us well trained now, but every time I think of this little OCD kitty in a foster home with six other kitties, I don't know how she did it. At the adoption event, how did this crochety cat who doesn't like to be picked up manage to charm us by purring in our arms? Can cats analyze a situation and change their behavior to get what they want?"
Leon and artichokes

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Sunny Haven

Helen Yoest of Gardening With Confidence and author of Plants with Benefits submitted this week's pretty kitty:

"Meet Sunny, the garden cat. We didn't start out wanting a cat, but then one day a yellow cat with yellow eyes showed up on the back porch. Sunny adopted us.  We did all the right things to try and find his owner. We put up pictured posters with a phone number to call, we posted on pet-finding sites, we even got in touch with local vets, etc.  Some of the responses were really sad. There were a lot of missing cats that fit out cat's description. We had people come by who were hopeful that it was their lost cat and others coming over to see if it was their cat so they could close that chapter of their life. (They didn't want the cat back, but wanted to know he was OKay.) We even had people call to say it was probably their cat, but they were heading out of town and could they come by in a week or two to pick him up. We started getting very defensive of this animal. We wanted him to go to his rightful owner, but only if it was someone who wanted him and who treated him well.  Within a week, we were crossing our fingers that no one would claim her, and she would be ours to keep. That was two-and-a-half years ago. The vet figures he was under a year old when she showed up.

"Sunny is extremely sweet, has a dog sister, Pepper They play/wrestle a lot. The best part of Sunny is that he leaves the birds alone, he is an excellent vole-er, and sometimes burps chipmunk. We are there for him when he needs us, but otherwise he is on his own, and has found a wonderful home in Helen's Haven."