Saturday, November 9, 2013

Clean Living

Here is another cat submission from Lynn Title of Lanham, MD:

"Zeli is 18 years old. We think she is part Abyssinian; she has the facial shape and her color is blue roan, not grey. She was born at the D'Arcy Street shelter, the same place all my cats come from. We got her as a kitten, as company for the rowdy Labrador Kona we had back then -- she was a tiny thing tussling with her brothers, but stopped immediately upon seeing us to give us a huge PUURRRR. She was afraid of nothing, and regularly pounced on Kona, who barely noticed her attacks. But she was never a good hunter. Now she's a sour old lady who doesn't like the other cats, but she is still fearless and very people-oriented."

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