Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby Bear and Friends

Jane Palson submitted this pic of her 9-year-old, BabyBear. Jane can be found tweeting as @JessPals on Twitter.

She writes:
   "Her size explains the Bear -- her behavior the Baby. She's been with me for five years and was a rescue from British RSPCA. I have a tiny, much-loved, garden and neither her nor her brother, Ludo, (stray who turned up in a terrible state, but still took two-and-half-years of daily feeding before he moved in 18 months ago) can resist joining in with gardening. I've sewn catnip seeds already. They both adore the smell and the flavor of fresh nip and will roll in it but don't seem to become intoxicated.
   "We live in UK just over the river from Liverpool.  I try to rescue any bees I find and I've also included a photo of a bee feeding from a blob of honey."

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