Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Roll in the Hay

Matthew Cuba (@MattintheGarden on Twitter) sent photos of his barn cat, Princess. He wrote: "The name fits. She's probably the friendliest cat we've ever had and was a rescue that we got from a no-kill shelter out in Orange, VA. She is around 5 years old now"

"She and her fellow barn cats do an admirable job of keeping birds from nesting in the barn (and messing on everything in the barn) and in keeping the mouse and rat population in check."

"One picture (above) is Princess doing what she does best: supervising my activities in the garden.  On that day, she was doing quality control on the straw I was spreading.  I think she approved."

"The other is a shot (below) of Princess attempting to evict some bluebirds from one of the birdhouses.  Fortunately for the birds she couldn't quite reach them due to the position of the entrance.  I snapped the shot and then shooed her away so the adult birds could get back to the the nest."

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