Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Man's Cat

Stephanie Thompson Fleming of Behnke Nurseries in Beltsville, MD., shared these pictutes of her grandson, Aaron, and her cat, Gabby, at their home garden.

Stephanie said, "I have always planned to write a book called the cats that have found us ... 36 years and 3 cats all whom just showed up and gave us love and joy. This is our current cat, Gabby, she found us one day about two years before our cat Smokey died. I think cats have a way of knowing things like that. She was already fixed and is such a nice cat. She is a man's cat as she follows my husband around like a dog. Pictured here is Gabby with a rabbit she caught. She is one of our best hunters. She is also pictured with Aaron saying 'hello' to the chickens."


  1. Gabby is the best hunter!! She just caught another mouse outside.. Of course she likes to bring them up to us so we say Job Well Done!!..

  2. Of course! You have to let your family praise for your good work -- all smart kitties know that!