Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top Posts of 2015 on the Cats in Gardens Blog

Looking back at 2015, we had four posts that performed heads and whiskers above the others. Here they are in reverse order:

3. Welcome to my Catio
The new trend for indoor-outdoor cat spaces was an attention-getter and not surprisingly, this post went viral.

2. Cat Grasses and Other Kitty Treats: You Can Grow That!
This guest post by Claire Splan was a stand-out as it appealed to home gardeners and cat lovers alike. No need to pay lots of $s at chain stores to buy tiny pots of cat grass. Indeed, you can grow that!

1. Thirsty Cat
Perhaps it was the hot August timing or maybe people just love orange tigers, but this blog post of a cat drinking from his neighbor's water garden was a winner and our most viewed photo of the year.

And on bonus:

A Gentle Giant
This post missed our top three ranking by just one measly visitor, so we thought it deserved mentioning along with the others. It features Daryl Pulis' sweet cat, Alex, who is full of personality.

What were your favorite Cats in Gardens posts of 2015?

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