Saturday, March 12, 2016

Toasty Warm Feline

Sarah the Gardener of shared this sweet kitty:  
"Toast the Cat is a sweet wee thing.  We chose her from the SPCA, here in New Zealand when she was 8 weeks old way back in 2002.  So that makes her 14, which is quite a good innings for a cat.  We named her Toast because when she was a cute little kitten the stripes down her side were quite pronounced it resembled grill marks on a slice of bread."
"She started out life as a city cat and we had to put our phone number on her collar as she was fond of getting into cars and being driven away.  Maybe back then she had a yearning to escape to the country.   Finally, in 2007, she got her wish and we moved to the country and she has flourished out here. "
"She loves being in the garden and when I’m working there she is not too far away.  She loves to rest in the shade of whatever is growing over the edge of the beds in the summer and in the winter she can often be found curled up in the warmth of the greenhouse.  We even made a small garden bed for her with her favorite cat nip.  She loves that bed. " 
"She also loves being a bit of a star and whenever I’m making my YouTube cideos she is never far away and always trying to get into the shot. "
"She has such a sweet nature and loves cuddles and is always waiting in the driveway for us to come home – even if we’ve only been gone an hour." 

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