Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to Keep Cats OUT of Your Garden

citrus peels
At the Cats in Gardens blog, we get the occasional crab-ball who does not want cats in their garden at all. (These same short-sighted folks then ask how to protect their fruit trees and veggie gardens from rodents, rabbits, etc.)  To be fair, even we cat-loving gardeners might have areas we do not want our kitties to explore in our yards. Here are a few methods I picked up from a Leesburg, VA cat group for keeping cats out of your garden.

- roll out chicken wire
- push pine cones into the soil
- lay down rose bush trimmings
- spread out mesh produce and bulb bags anchored with twigs

Shock and Awe:
- motion detector sprinklers

Smell and Annoyances:
- citrus peels
- highly scented plants like marigolds, geranium, and lemon thyme

Got a humane method that keeps cats out of outdoor spots they should not be in?
Please share it in the comments field below?

set up barriers like chicken wire and plastic "spikes"

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