Saturday, November 5, 2016

Maurice in Hospice Care

Ann Amato-Zorich is seedstress at Cistus Nursery, owner at Spiffy Seeds, and owner at Milton's Garden Menagerie in Portland, Oregon. She shared this beautiful black cat and says: "Momo (aka Maurice) is just over 16 and I rescued him when he was one. I used to have three black cats and I believe in black cat rescue adoptions, but somehow I've ended up with a black-and-white family recently. (We have four cats. In addition to Maurice and the two young ones (LuLu and Felix), we have Mona - who is also black and I found her in a parking lot one rainy November evening when she was a kitten. She's part feral and lives in the garden and in the basement. She is our ghost cat.)

Our young cats will mostly be indoor and roof cats. We lost an incredibly beautiful black part-Maine Coon named Quincy Mercurio Carbone to a coyote and we never want to go through that again. Portland sadly has quite a few urban coyotes now. Quincy disappeared the night before his first birthday. It was so sad. He disappeared without a trace and a coyote was seen on our street again within a day or two so it's fairly obvious what happened.

Maurice was diagnosed with cancer on his jaw over 6 weeks ago and he's still with us. Each day now is a blessing. He's lost some of his sight. but has adjusted and continues to follow his routine. LuLu is a great caregiver, but Felix, well, not so much.

UPDATE on 11/12/16:
I am sorry to report that Maurice has passed away and gone to the big garden in the sky. Here a few more photos in happier times.


  1. My heart goes out to you and kitty

  2. Thank you so much for posting this and for updating his passing. He was an incredible cat and for long as I live in this home and garden, the garden will be named Campiello Maurizio in his memory.