Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Little Bit of Lubi

A few weeks ago, I visited my neighbor Eileen Schramm and was greeted by this fluffy, white ball of love. She said it was her neighbor's cat and her name is Lubi. Eileen said, "Here she owns the 'hood, fiercely defending it against any four-legged intruders, no matter the size. She'll stare down the biggest dogs. And she's still deeply attached to rolling in dirt and mulch! And belly rubs."

Her owners, Debi and Yasmin, shared the photos below and said, "Chikarubi (called Lubi, Lubi-lu or Lubs - long u) - since she was sprung from a cage, named after a prison ( We found her at a market in Hanoi, Vietnam… in a tiny cage, sitting right in a dirty bowl of ‘gruel’ (who knows what it was!)   They put her in a plastic bag and weighed her, selling her to us by the kg!!! This meant she was supposed to be someone’s next meal :-(  We paid US$12 for her! (exorbitant for Vietnam!!!) We took her out of the plastic bag and eventually found a cardboard box at a nearby market stall for her and home we took her… on our motorbike! We put her straight into a bath - she was very well behaved …. and that was the last we saw of that behaviour ;-) The vet thought she was about 5 months old when we got her. She’s lived in Vietnam, (4 years) Cambodia (3 years) and now the US … came on the plane with us. Now she is 9 and a half! My little baby!!"

"First Bath!  Poor baby!"


"I can’t believe I didn’t know she would want to be an outdoor kitty… even when we lived on the 6th floor and had a little balcony, she found one of the 3 potted plants and made that her home…. and many many more in other apartments, houses we’ve lived in!"


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  1. What a great story... so glad Lubi found a loving home.