Saturday, June 17, 2017

Simply Ginger

Janet Draper, a Smithsonian Horticulturist, said:

"Her name is Ginger, and we got her as a stray-- someone moved out of a colleagues apartment complex and left her. (Outrageous!) So she should be about....12?  She is our Adventure Kitty. She is an indoor-outdoor girl. Ginger loves hanging outside--even in the rain! (She then wants to come in and sit on your lap to suck your heat/dry off!) She comes (when she feels like it) when we whistle.
   "Oh, because of her great hunting abilities--she wears numerous bells, plus a funky clown ruff-type collar that supposedly makes me more visible to birds.
   "She loves to have her belly in the sun -often she will fall asleep on the back deck in a position like this." (See photo below.)
  "What else? She loves longing in our front yard prairie especially in the grasses! So that is Ginger!"

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