Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gift Ideas for Garden Cats

Stumped for what to get your outdoor-loving cat for a holiday or birthday gift? Here are 5 suggestions that are sure to make your garden kitty purr-purr-purr.

The catio will make your kitty the envy of the neighborhood and keep him safe and the birds too!

If your kitty loves to chew on every houseplant you have, grow her this alternate -- a safe pot of fresh cat grass all her own to munch on.

This safety collar is a great way to ensure your garden kitty doesn't get into danger and so any prey can her him coming.

This heating pad is the purr-fect thing for that barn cat or any kitty who prefers to sleep in an unheated space.

This sling pet carrier is all the rage now and is worth a try if you have a sociable feline who might like to go on errands to the garden center with you.

Finally, one bonus gift suggestion, for you -- if you have lost one of your garden kitties, this cat-angel is a wonderful way to remember them. I have one placed near the spot that my late Chantilly loved to sun herself by my water garden.

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