Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boo to You


Kylee Baumle, a fellow garden writer, sent in this striking image.

She said, "This is Boo on our front porch. The shrub is Euonymus alata. Boo is one of five kittens that were abandoned in a field near our house in 2004. We still have a sibling, Baby, and our daughter and her husband have another, Oreo. One was adopted out to a co-worker (Augie) and Luna watches over them all from kitty heaven, as she's done since 2010. Every member of this litter LOVES to have its belly scratched and will immediately do the "kitty melt" when you walk up to them, so you can oblige them."

You can follow Kylee's gardening adventures in northwest Ohio on her blog Our Little Acre.

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