Saturday, December 27, 2014

Baby Bear

This is the last of a series of five gorgeous Maine Coon cats submitted by Leonard Foltz of Dancing Oaks Nursery in Monmouth, OR.

"This is our youngest. He is Grizz, aka on his formal record as Kodiak. I wanted to name him Romeo because as a kitten he always wanted to jump on the bed and give me kisses during the night, but I lost out on that name. He is an Oregon native and is a silver tip black with auburn highlights depending on how much sunbathing he does. But of all the five cats we presently have, his favorite domain is in the house. He can be content in here for hours unlike the rest of the pride. He is one of the largest and longest, but still not huge, at about 16 pounds. His purr is like an old Mercedes diesel.  He is very shy with more than two people around. He is a sweet guy, with not an mean bone in him."

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