Saturday, December 20, 2014

Swahili for "Lion"

This is another gorgeous Maine Coon submitted by Leonard Foltz of Dancing Oaks Nursery in Monmouth, OR.

"Simba is a native Oregonian who came to the farm the same day as Griz. Fred thought we were going to get one kitten, but I had a hunch we'd meet two that we couldn't separate. I think both of them are 7. Or 8?"
"Simba is very handsome, but doesn't know it one bit and is not the least conceited. We wish he would have more confidence as so many want to just give him a few strokes of admiration but he makes a run for it. He is very photogenic and always seems to be striking some pose. He loves finding hidden baskets in comfortable nooks to sleep the hours away during the winter rains.  Summer days find him sunning himself in the beds opposite the nursery shop. Thankfully, he appreciates a good session with the grooming brush. We donate Simba's locks of love to the birds for nest building in spring."


  1. Simba is really gorgeous! My parents had a dog named Simba as well. I have a friend in new Zealand who blogs at The Contented Crafter on WordPress. Her kitty, Orlando looks a lot like Simba :D

  2. Thank you for sharing, Boomdeeadda. I'd love to see photos of Orlando, if your friend is willing to share them.