Sunday, July 26, 2015

One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth...

Lynn Title writes, "Magpie was adopted in 2003 from the D'arcy Street Prince George's County, Maryland, shelter, the same place we got Tilde and Zeli from. That would make her 12-years-old. We think from her color and mannerisms that she is part Burmese as she is actually dark brown, not black. As an adult, she is still very curious and playful and steals small shiny objects at every chance; and she talks all the time, though not in a Siamese voice. Her name was an obvious choice, given the above. 

"She also helps my husband, Richard, with plumbing repairs... picking through his toolbox and stealing the ratchets one by one. Fortunately we know where her stashes are and comb through them whenever anything important goes missing."

And if you are wondering about the name of this post, counting sightings of magpies or crows has a long tradition. See more on that folklore here.

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