Friday, July 27, 2012

Tuxedo Stan takes a Stand for Felines

My name is Kathy Chisholm and my cat is Tuxedo Stanley. The photo (above) was taken in my front yard early in the spring (you can see some Hostas starting to come up in the background.
Tuxedo Stan's blog is at

Tuxedo Stan has been blogging on behalf of his mother, author Kathy Chisholm, since August 2011. Initially he intended to bring new visitors to the website in the hopes that they would find out about Kathy's book - Urban Tigers, Tales of a Cat Vet. Since that time Stan has evolved into a local celebrity. He is now the leader of a political party - the Tuxedo Party of Canada (Facebook: Stan will be running for mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, Canada in the fall of 2012. He hopes to have a complete slate of cats running for council as well. The Tuxedo Party is a political movement aimed to improve the welfare of felines in HRM "because neglect isn't working." Below a picture of the button that his supporters will be wearing as the election approaches. T-shirts and lawn signs will also be available.

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