Saturday, August 8, 2020

And they say Gingers have no soul...

This photo is simple entitled, "orange tabby cat on green grass" with no mention of the lovely garden path and plants behind the ginger cat! It is posted on several royalty-free photo web sites, so there is no attribution or known story behind it. However, that level cat stare straight into the camera lens speaks volumes. It says, "I am the ruling cat in these parts and I am not afraid of the likes of you."

By the way, the gene for ginger is "linked to gender, and about three out of four ginger cats are males." That means we can rather safely assume this kitty is a he.

And that ridiculous rumor that gingers have no souls? Well, we won't even bother addressing such slander.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Cat Glamping

I recently read about the new trend of "cat glamping" here. Basically, luxury (glamorous) camping and adding your cat into the mix. I'm not sure anyone is actually doing it, so much as talking about it.

I mean, sure, what cat doesn't like to hang out in a tent? Like this one pictured above from

Well, I did a bit of sleuthing and it seems folks are trying it! Here area few shares from the Camping with Cats ( Instagram account: