Saturday, May 19, 2018

He Pities the Fool

In response to last week’s submission by Lou J. Nichols, the appropriately named Rosemary Gardin posted, “If you think you're leaving me out, y'all better think again! I'm Mr T, Canadian bud of Phil.” And so here he is, Mr. T in all his garden cat glory.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

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Lou Nicholls ‏(@loujnicholls) shared fun this post with us:
“This is Phil cat. He has a very big personality and even a few fans J. Sometimes referred to as cat pest, murder kitty, or shout-y Cat, he often features on my Twitter and Instagram, and yes, he's not adverse to fame!”
   “I know I'm biased, but he's kinda special He moved in with me in 2011 at a time that I was very low, he was living feral, but had been someone's pet at some point previously. Possibly, the previous tenants at the flat I was living in, no one knew for sure. Anyway, Phil and I have literally traveled the country together. We have moved house 6 or maybe 7 times. We've gone to my dad's for holidays, which is about 500 miles away, and all of this he has taken in his stride.”
   “He is possibly the happiest, most chilled cat ever. If I'm upset, he chases his tail to make me laugh, he stalks me if he's got the devil in him and swipes me with velvet paws. He's never scratched me and meant it only ever by mistake.... he is also a formidable hunter!”
   “I think he's around 9-ish, but he brings home rabbits rats and mice like a pro! The mice he eats straight off, which I think is a throwback to when he had to fend for himself. Unlike most pet cats, he never plays with them ... which I'm very thankful for He is an excellent judge of character and I'll often watch his reaction to people to suss them out. His full name is Phil Macavity, which often raises eyebrows.”

Saturday, May 5, 2018

House and Garden Tour Time

It is house and garden tour time in the Mid-Atlantic USA. Here are a few garden cat and cat garden art sightings from tours so far this year. Also, sharing a few from previous years' tours. I highly recommend going to as many garden tours in your own region as you can to learn about what grows best in your are!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Wonk Cats

American University's Arboretum & Garden in Washington, DC, ( has not one, but two, working garden cats. Above is Max and below is AU Wonk Cat. You can follow both cats on AU's social media or visit the campus to play with the kitties. Those are some lucky college students!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Judging by the Cover

I knew I'd love Time-Tested Plants: Thirty Years in a Four-Season Garden by Pamela Harper the second I laid eyes on the cover. On it, Pamela is standing mid-garden, holding one of her garden cats.Pamela says her cats "keep her garden free of rabbits."

I had the pleasure last weekend of visiting her Tidewater Virginia garden in person and though I didn't get to see any of these hunting kitties, I did get to talk to Pamela and see the many wonderful plants she is growing almost 20 years after the publication of that legendary garden book.

Here are some photos from that visit:
Pam in a hat!

"hot color" beds

quince espalier



Japanese Maple

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tribal Quest

Jan Stuhlmacher in Castlebar, Ireland, posted the following to the GoFundMe web site:
"I rescued the then feral Ma-cat some 3 years ago.

I often saw her hunting in my garden. A harsh harsh winter, and she looked scrawny; limping with a broken hip, and she dragged a crooked, broken tail around. What I didn't know at first: she wasn't hunting for herself - she had a litter of 4 kittens to support.

I 'rescued' all 5. They moved into an old caravan on my site, then into a little chalet I built, and now they live in my tiny house. Next followed 2 little feral torties... that's 7!

Next, somebody dumped little Newb in my yard. New Total: 8!!!

Newb arrived with a vicious form of IBS - he required a lot of veterinary attention, and relies forever on a special diet. But he's doing well now.

When I started 'project Ma,' I had 2 jobs. I don't lead a fancy lifestyle; never have. And I thought, why should I involve an over-stretched cat rescue service. Times are tough. I can help, and they can take care of the more needy/desperate cases... I shared 1,000s of photos on Twitter, documenting the trials and tribulations of Ma's little tribe.

The fun times, the joy, and the lessons learned. Meanwhile, I donated to many worthy causes whenever and whatever I could.

Now it's my time... In October 2014, I lost one job. Then in the following January my 2nd 'back-up' job went as well.

For a while, I believed savings could easily bridge me over to a new job. But.... The west of Ireland is not doing so well in the so-called 'economic recovery'. I'm applying for jobs on an almost daily basis.

I've given up all luxuries - including my car, broadband. etc... And now it's crunch time. Unfortunately, almost daily.  At times I can barely feed the 'tribe'. They were all ferals and really rely on the environment they grew up in.

Here is how to contact her, should you be interested in helping out:

The Tribes Twitter is @TribeOfMa