Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Garden Companion

Rob Chambon, a landscaper in Bicknell, Indiana, USA, shared his story about his cat Ashley. “I lost my former cat Cabbie back in July of 2015 (see her story here). That loss devastated me. About a month later, a friend of mine, Clarence, and his wife suggested I come see a stray cat that had parked itself at their house during this same period. I'll never forget that first moment when I saw Ashley. Sitting on Clarence's front porch, Ashley simply jumped into my lap and put her sweet little head right under my chin, and that was it for me. I decided right then and there she was going home with me. I had found the right pet to replace the giant hole in my heart when I lost Cabbie." 
   "Now, looking back at the year and a half that I've had Ashley with me, I can honestly say that she is the absolutely perfect cat for me. Ashley is so loving and sweet. She always captures the heart of all who let her sit on their lap and experience her amazing sweetness. Ashley prefers, for whatever reason to sit high on my lap or sometimes my chest so her head is either right at my chin, or resting on my shoulder. She is a very laid back kitty, and her preferred spot inside my home is on the arm of my couch, where she sleeps peacefully till I awake in the morning." 
   "Ashley is very vocal in the mornings. She meows many times when I first get up, following me everywhere I go till I take the time to hold her and pet her. Ashley loves attention, back rubs and belly rubs, and she loves to be held. Any time I talk to her, Ashley meows right back to me, as if she is answering me. It's uncanny, but I swear sometimes I think she really understands me. Ashley is a very faithful companion, following me out to my woodland garden where she passes the time waiting on me to finish my garden chores or a simple walk. Afterward, when I begin to leave the garden, Ashley knowingly trots along in front of me, leading the way back to my lake cottage each and every time. She seems to sense when I am ready to head home. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a sweet and lovable cat like Ashley in my life. She's not only company to me, but she is my constant, loving companion.”

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Orange Shrub-cat

This orange shrub-cat meme is one in a long line of potted cats. He is a undeniably and sweetie and it is not surprising that it is being spread far and wide.

Someone named "the southern dandy" commented on it: "The orange shrub-cat requires many pets to grow big and strong. Contrary to other shrubs, this shrub is deeply adverse to being watered."

It has been shared thousands of times in Reddit and is now making it over to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook - without attribution.

I cannot trace the original post to give them credit. Please comment below, if you know this cat, the owner, and/or the photographer.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Happy Joy Joy

My Garden to Table in Pottstown, PA, shared this photo of their cat and some Hpapy Cat Farm seed packs. They wrote: "Best find at today's #seedswapday was @Happycatfarm Really looking forward to taste testing these beauties! Sprite is a 4-year=old rescue we got (with his sister, Melody) when we moved to the farm. He's smart, engaging, and overall a very happy cat. "

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Key West Kitties

Kirk R. Brown, a garden communicator and speaker, shared these photos of the feral cats of Key West, Florida: "On my recent visit, the Ernest Hemingway House showed off its 58 movie star cats. They are indifferent to tourists. Of course. But each is a master or mistress of capturing the attention of anyone passing by. All of them carry the polydactyl (extra-toes) gene. Some are deeper in the pool than others."
   "The guide told us that this orange tabby (pictured below) was the dominant cat of the collection. Polydactyl by breeding not by name. And cleaning as we watched."
   "Most have been neutered or spayed. They say they allow only one litter per generation. (Obviously, at some time in the past, they were less concerned about overpopulation.) in this current generation, they are excited about breeding an obvious polydactyl male with a similar female. They are selecting for this recessive. I don't know if there are any other genetic side effects to this appearance, like kidney or liver problems or chronic people avoidance..."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rumble in the Window Jungle

MowCow lawn services ( shared this adorable photo of a sun-bathing tuxedo cat with us. "We got the kittens for Christmas. Rumble was adopted from a Renae, a warm-hearted grandmother, who fosters cats and kittens in Lynchburg, VA. Butters was adopted from the Lynchburg Humane Society, which has the coolest cat corners I've ever seen. (I can share pics if interested). The energetic kittens live with our family in Nokesville, VA. I'm waiting until they get a bit bigger before allowing them out into the gardens as I'd hate for the coyotes to get interested in them. Rumble is tuxedo, Butters the ginger."

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sweet Summer Memories

Athena is the cutest, most adorable tiny kitten meowing while she explores the rocks and flowers i this Youtube video.

And a very lovely cat-in-garden quote on this picture of Athena:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vampire Kitty

I stumbled across this toothsome cat in a Huffington Post story. Honestly, they had me at "vampire." Then I saw this GIF of Monk attacking an innocent plant, I knew he was a gardening cat natural!

Vampire Cat Monk (short for Monkey) and his younger "brother" Bean live in Long Island, New York. He is just 6 years old and has more than 43.1k followers on Instagram! 

Here is the Instagram account where you can enjoy many more gorgeous pics of this be-fanged feline: