Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Allotment Cat

Robert the Allotment Cat is " a cat living on an allotment site (community garden) in Birmingham UK. My human does not understand cats. I am trying to help her."

He communicates through his Twitter account @AllotmentCat.

I contact his human, Betty, and she was happy to have me share Robert's photos with you all. Here are some of my favorites --

I love drinking from this thing. My human says it's for watering the plants but I don't care and anyway, the plants seem to be doing well on it so maybe it will do me good too. What do you think?

My human and some others sat around the table and talked. I thought it would be good if I helped so I lay down on top of some paper. My human said I will have to join the committee. What's a committee?

Apparently she doesn't know anything about cats. I don't believe her, she knows how to make me happy. She picked me up and I loved it so she does it every day now. I think I have trained her well. The last 18 months have been the best in my life.

I liked one of the humans a lot. I kept her company in the greenhouse, she told me I was her best boy and that I would be known as 'Robert' from now on. I was happy, I sat and looked at her so she could take a photo. She takes LOTS of photos.

I started to like being here. I went to the greenhouse every day. There was a human there who put food down for me when she saw me. Other humans came to see me and I began to feel really special.

Earlier this year I helped my human to grow lots of plants. I am careful and I don't squash them. I like gardening.

I think our allotments are special. The humans look after us cats (there are 7 of us living there) and we have lovely warm beds to sleep in and lots of food every day. I sometimes sleep in a greenhouse.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Timmy Cat

I have been following @FloretFlower on Instagram just to get glimpses of this beautiful garden cat named Timmy. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Best Plants to Grow for Cats

Here is a new video by Sun Gro Horticulture on Best Plants to Grow for Cats featuring lots of gorgeous Garden Cats. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Tribute to Tucky

Jim Dronenburg is a retired accountant and now gardens full-time in Knoxville, MD. He shared this story of Tucky. His partner, Dan Weil, shared these photos.

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Forest Firefly(@comfortzone_LG on Twitter) shared this photo:
"Her name is Rita. I adopted her and her brother in 2013 as kittens. She LOVES to climb and be in my garden. We live in Oregon, USA."

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Butters Up

Thanks to Drew Asbury of Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens in Washington, DC, for sharing these pictures of Butterscotch M. Post aka "Butters." He is living his best life on the grounds of this public garden known for its gracious hospitality.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Puttin' on the Mitz

Mary-Denise Smith, a copyeditor/proofreader to food & garden bloggers, shared this story about Mitz:

"When I first bought my house in Old Greenbelt, MD, I’d scoured the shelter web sites, looking for a kitty. I saw this lovely orange tabby named 'Sheila' who would be available for adoption in early February. The very day she was up for adoption, I put my application in, only to be told she’d already been spoken for! No!

"Then a couple weeks later, my colleague asked me if I wanted a cat. Without thinking, I said 'Sure!'. So a few nights later, she and her mom turned up at my house, dropped 'Miss Mittens' off and left in such a hurry I didn’t even have time to open the carrier!

"This little squeaky voice comes out, and I opened the door and there’s this orange tabby, all scared and upset and lonely looking. She didn’t rush into my arms, but she was quite ready for pats and cuddles and treats. I had trouble saying 'Miss Mittens', so shortened the name to Mz Mitz. Some folks called her 'Mitzy', which is appropriate, I guess, because she does this cute little side step dance when she comes in the door, like Mitzy Gaynor making an entrance.

"A few days later, I was putting her carrier away and noticed the envelope full of her records, opened it and POW! This was 'Sheila' from the shelter! My colleague’s mom had adopted her, discovered she liked the idea of kitties more than she liked kitties themselves, but didn’t want to give her back to the shelter because she was afraid she’d be euthanized! (She’d been dumped, and a couple neighbors fed her til she got pregnant, when they turned her in to the local shelter.)

"So we were meant to be.  

"Mitz was about two years old when I got her, and once we settled in together, it was like we’d been buds forever. So that means she’s almost nine now.

"Then, in 2017, I lost my home. I sold it and all the contents. Mitz went to live at Pam Stegall’s farm up in Rising Sun, MD - Calvert Farm, otherwise referred to as Kamp Kalvert for Kitties. Mitz and Pam’s husband Paul became fast friends, and Mitz now rules the garage, forklift and pickup truck. The school kids who come to the farm every day (it’s the local school bus stop and afternoon hang out) just adore her and she basks in all the cooing and patting.

"Mitz likes water. She’d play in a light rain, and sat on the side of the tub when I was in the shower, batting at the stray drops. Snow, however, is the work of demons. 

"She learned that daffodil greenery tastes foul, and that licking toads is a bad idea. She used to sit on the top of the compost bin and gossip with the neighborhood deer, but had nothing good to say with/about the local raccoons. She’s a mighty mouser, and even though shrews are not tasty, she’ll catch them just to prove whose yard it is. She mostly left birds alone, but not always. I had to keep her in the house with the robin, dove and wren nestlings fledged! I don’t think she ever bothered the woodpecker chicks.

"She was a great supervisor when the Greenbelt Woodlands Committee would do invasives removal in the area behind my house. She and a local poodle would sit on the log pile and watch the proceedings, and Mitz would 'comment' as folks walked by.

"M has a thick, thick undercoat, so in Spring shedding season, it looked like a Husky or Golden Retriever lived at my house with big tufts of creamy fur hanging off all the low branches and chair bottoms!"