Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh no! Not another cute cat!

Here is another gorgeous black cat from Kylee of  Our Little Acre:

OhNo showed up one wintry day last year and clearly hadn't seen a good meal in awhile. He was very shy and it took some time before he would let us get close. Now he's my shadow when I work in the garden, even jumping on my back as I crouch to do some planting or weeding. He has single white hairs peppered throughout his jet black coat, which you can't see unless you're up close.

How did he get his name? The Olympics were on and Apollo Ohno was skating when we decided this black stray cat wasn't going anywhere and needed a name. But to be honest, the name first came to us the very first time we saw him eating from our five other outside cats' food dishes: "Oh no! Not another cat!" But OhNo has become a treasured member of our fur family.

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